Men Who Run With Sheep (and Sergers)

The female domination of the knitting and sewing enclaves, at least in the shops around my home town, can make them a little intimidating for those of us who don’t identify so much with the feminine end of the gender spectrum. I’m fully aware that women meet this kind of discomfort going into engineering and computer sciences and physics and maths and those are jobs, not hobbies. So I’m not complaining; I’m just explaining why I’m rather excited to find male-identified knitters and sewers online. They’re breaking down gender binaries from a different direction, and I thank them for it.

I’m still gathering sources, but here are a couple high-quality ones I’ve come across in my cybertravels.



Sewing (both of these craftspeople are brilliant – I wish I had a tenth of their tailoring skills):



Inbetweeners are the workhorses of the animation world. They draw the frames in between the key frames (key frames are the beginnings and ends of movements that the senior animators draw). This blog will be tutorials betwixt and between superstar online, diy tutorials  – it will be the little life hacks for camping gear, sewing, wood-working, and other bits and bobs for making one’s world a little less pre-fab.